Sharpie Pen (Fine Point)


Magicians' favorite companion, the Sharpie Fine Point will help you get stronger reactions from your audience by adding one little detail...

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A signature to rule them all

Nothing is more frustrating than someone saying "Yeah but - is it really MY card?" at the end of your routine. The answer? Use signed cards to leave no doubts in your spectator's mind.

The Sharpie Fine Point is the ally of choice for magicians. Compact, you can carry it along your deck all the time. With fast-dry permanent ink, you can let your spectators sign your entire deck without fearing getting a single stain on your hands and your shirt.

Classic design to match all the current Sharpie gimmicks available.

Why Sharpie Fine Point?

  • Favorite magicians' companion
  • Easy-to-carry
  • Dry quickly on your cards
  • Airtight cap for maximum performances
  • Fine point for various uses
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Sharpie Pen (Fine Point)