Jordan's new take on a classic with a new gimmick design and a clever presentation making it more logical than ever.

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Ditch your Sharpie, bring fire

Based on the classical Sharpie through Card, Melty adds a new logical presentation paired with a precisely crafted gimmick.

Using a regular mini-BIC lighter, you will be able to push it through a freely selected and signed card right before handing it out for examination.

Not just a gimmick, a story

Presentation is the heart of your routine and creates a logic in the universe you bring your spectators into. 

Have your spectator select and sign a card. Take out a lighter and slowly start to warm the card up, softening its fibers. Then push the lighter right through the signed card until it drops on the table and blow on it to cool the paper. You can then hand it out for examination.

A simple premise that your spectator will remember!

What do you get in your package

Discover what Melty is all about and Jordan's dirty secrets

You will receive

1. The Melty gimmick, precisely crafted with allows you to remove slowly the lighter without any risk of flashing

2. A mini-BIC lighter, the exact shape Melty has been built around

3. An easy to follow instructional video to perform right away
Everything just feels so right. It's not just the magic. It's the details. I like this!
Will Tsai
TV-Star Magician
The only object through card that makes sense. Organic and visual. Melty is a must-have!
Patrick Kun
TV-Star Magician
The legend of the material that passes through another material takes all its sense with Melty. Extremely powerful, visual, brilliant, and completely justified! It looks like science fiction... but it's not. A gimmick that will always remain in your pocket!
Bill Debu
Awarded Professional Magician

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